New Crop of Furniture Design Talent

Works by six graduating students from the Furniture Program at California College of the Arts just closed May 20  at Mina Dresden Gallery. These young designers and artists have already attracted industry attention for their innovative pieces and have exhibited extensively in the Bay Area. The program emphasizes making skills (woodworking, metalworking, upholstery, and industrial fabrication), hand and computer-based drawing, and a theoretical investigation of furniture as both object and cultural agent.  Unique ideas with a strong theoretical underpinning, the works exhibit a high level of craft  and aesthetic refinement.

Carly Borman MOSS BENCH 2011 Holly & Moss

“I endeavor to blend organic forms with linear structures, and draw inspiration from nature’s ability to fuse these two qualities in harmony, in order to create pieces that bring a sense of nature indoors.”

Carly Borman Tillandsia Branches 2010 Makore

Aerospace Meets Tradition

LUKAS NICKERSON Float Table 2011 Paduk , Steel, High tension nylon

I am interested in existing within the confluence of old century craft and modern technology.
The work I am currently pursuing is defining the difference between the automobile, appliance, and furniture, in order to perceive mans relation to machines through history.

Light and Multi functional

Andrew Perkins Display Natural Walnut, Steel ht: 41” w: 23” d: 10”

My current work seeks to innovate in design through craft, and harmonize industry with nature. I hope to bring a sense of the remarkable and peaceful into interior spaces. I believe that the greatest satisfaction afforded by craft, art, and design is the act of creation. I am a maker, and through craft I give longevity and intimacy to my work. Through design, I give intelligence, order, and beauty to space. And through art, I give my observations and dreams to the world.

HERON Table Maple, Aluminum, Plywood ht: 17” w: 28” d: 18”

Not Your Grandmother’s Side Chair

Michele Marti

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