The Power of Personal Contact


Today more than ever we can leverage the most sophisticated technology to communicate faster and seemingly more efficiently. Internally email and messaging work well to document and streamline large scale communication, but doing business externally in a sales capacity is another environment altogether. The most important aspect of sales communication is to instill a feeling of trust. This is why trade shows, conferences and live events give smart sales and marketing teams the most bang for their buck.

"Recent brain imaging research shows us that when people are in a face-to-face dialogue, this creates brain synchrony that results in a feeling of connection." says Dr. Srini Pillar an assistant clinical Professor at Harvard Medical School and CEO of the leadership coaching firm the NeuroBusiness Group." Actually seeing the face of someone helps the brain detect and understand who they are and what they feel. The brain is wired to detect untrustworthiness of faces as a priority."

So, how do you make the most of the F2F sales opportunities?
Here are some simple, basic behaviors that should become second nature when engaging with new business contacts.

* Treat people like humans instead of dollar signs.
* Shake hands in a way that implies you were meeting someone you want to form a long-term relationship with.
* Spend time asking about their business before launching into selling your products and services.Show genuine interest in their livelihood .
* Always focus on how you can help a show attendee succeed either thru what you sell or other businesses you know.
* Be enthusiastic

The secret of a perfect sales pitch isn't a pitch. It is a dialogue. A conversation. It has active listening, solid questioning and well-timed positioning. To learn more about how Dimensional Dynamics can improve your face to face event marketing outcomes get in touch with us here.

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Weight Loss Program for your Exhibit: Portables lighten the load

These days more than ever in the trade show world excess weight will cost you. In the past  15  years, as exhibits structures morphed into lightweight aluminum and fabric hybrids from heavy wooden components, the general contractor charges to bring material into trade show halls has increased up to five fold. Add an overtime or off target move in rate and your material handling charge could finance your kids first semester of college.

More exhibitors are becoming tired of the ever increasing expenses associated with trade shows. The most common complaint is the cost of material handling . In the 90’s the average cost per  100 weight was around $ 35, today it is typically over  $ 100. For a typical crated 10 x 20’ exhibit, that would cost roughly $ 700- per show or more. The latest exhibit solutions offer drastic weight loss and in many cases can be brought into the convention center yourself, bypassing the forklifts altogether.

It pays  to look at how the current breed of lightweight portables can support high quality graphics, especially for in line spaces. The simplest solution is, of course, roll up banner stands. For a more expansive complete presentation in a 10 x 10 or larger space, there are many lightweight options. Digitally printed silicon edge graphic (SEG) fabric stretched over frames can span 20 feet or more at eight feet high with just a few supporting feet. With a case these weigh in at under 60 lbs. per 10’ . Other solutions like the 10’ Burst, a collapsible frame with the graphic always attached, sets up in minutes and can be carried over your shoulder, is vitually fool proof. This display is perfect when  different people all over the country will be setting up. There are no loose pieces to assemble.

The nice part about these exhibits is they lighten your load without lightening your pocketbook.

For more ideas about how to lighten your load for the coming show season, have a look here or get in touch with us here for a consultation.


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Tabletop Presentation Essentials

The traditional large industry shows, seem to get much of the media attention these days. Big attendance affairs to fill massive venues where large exhibits vie for eyes and ears  and last three days or more. Then there’s the smaller workhorse shows which target a specialized audience in regional geographic areas and may only last a day or two.

Often the small shows are set up not as booths, but as 6’ tabletops. Using digital printed fabrics and substrates with light weight structures, putting together a professionally produced branded and very portable tabletop presentation has never been easier or less expensive. The essential ingredients are a branded table throw, a table top display in either rigid trifold format or tension fabric structure and printed business collateral such as brochures. Framing the space is possible using 90” high banner stands on the floor if desired, although this is not essential. 

The key to an effective presentation is to keep the branding first and foremost, the messaging simple and short. The temptation to write everything you offer on your graphics will defeat the purpose, which is to grab the attention of visitors and start the conversation. At first glance visitors should see clearly who you are (company name), and what you do , unless you are so well established everyone knows you. In that case, it may be wise to communicate the particular niche or specialty you are targeting.

For more information on how to easily leverage your presentation into a portable tabletop format get in touch with us here.

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